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Exhibition | The detail and the whole. Maps and images of the Rhône and Lyon area

Evènement | April 4, 2024

Exhibition organized at the Archives of the Rhône department and the metropolis of Lyon, as part of the "International Conference on the History of Cartography" (ICHC) 2024.

The Archives départementales et métropolitaines invite you to follow the way in which the representation of space in these areas has evolved over time.

Maps have had to respond to different, increasingly varied and complex functions. However, certain demands can be observed at all periods, such as when it comes to developing land or fortifying places.

Lyon naturally occupies a special place in this respect: cities were the focus of political and military attention from a very early stage, and mapping issues were particularly important there.

Visit the exhibition page:

ICHC 2024 website : https://ichc2024.univ-lyon3.fr/



Off campus

Archives du département du Rhône et de la métropole de Lyon
34 rue Général Mouton-Duvernet
69003 Lyon

Public transport: Tram T4, "Archives départementales" stop